The Iwata LPH400

The Iwata LPH400 is quite possibly the best spray gun for the automotive refinish professional. It has gained a well deserved reputation for proper atomization and superior results.

The LPH400 is available with three caps that make the gun perform different jobs. Generally, the silver(LV) cap is for clears, the orange(LVX) cap is for basecoat, and the purple(LVB) cap is for difficult metallic and pearl basecoats. Only a cap swap is needed with no needle change. The LPH400-LVX can be used as an all around spray gun using just the orange(LVX) cap for both clear and basecoats with satisfactory results. However, the silver(LV) cap will atomize clears better and the clear will lay out flatter. Using the purple(LVB) cap will help control difficult basecoat colors.

Initial gun setup is made simple.

  • Adjust the air valve knob on the bottom near the air inlet to its fully open position.
  • Adjust the material control valve, the larger knob, so that 3 to 4 threads are visable.
  • Attach a temporary pressure gauge or use an inlet regulator and adjust the inlet pressure.
    - 12 to 16 psi for basecoat.
    - 16 to 20 psi for clears.
    - Pressures are set while pulling the trigger fully.
  • Test your pattern on paper at about seven inches away.
  • Adjust the fan control knob, the small one on top, to the desired length of 8 to 10 inches.
  • Fine tune as needed.